FAT Day 4

Just a quick update here. I decided to head back down to FAT on its last day. I was mainly interested in checking out Kallvis Gent’s Human Nature series, but was early, so I jumped backstage first. I had my discreet X Pro 1 fitted with a 35mm 1.4 on its business end, so I snapped a bunch of shots while I was there. Saw some truly Epic hair created by Stanley Choy (Spellbound Hair Design) for Haphazard by Heather D. The two models had to hold up that gigantic hairpiece for quite some time until they got their turn down the runway, but the concept here is one example of what draws me to FAT. Haphhazard closed with a creative squirt-bottle paint on white dress demonstration at the end of the runway which was a creative finale to the segment.

The second round of designer got started with Pedram Karimi, followed by Kallvis Gents. I’ve worked with Kallvis before and shot an editorial showcasing some of his work last year. It was used as Kallvis’s artist showcase on the FAT Toronto website.

I shot the image to the left using Elinchrom’s great 100cm Deep Octabox, using both Ranger RX and Ranger Quadra lighting. You can check out the rest of the series here on Flickr.

I enjoyed the video presentation and the concept of “The shirt.” The “There are no clips in real life” catchline definitely hits home for people in the industry. When shooting fashion for various designers, pins and clips is an everyday reality for tailoring a piece to any particular model on the fly to create maximum appeal in the captured image.

I had a previous engagement later that evening, so I wasn’t able to stay around for the the rest of the designers. But I’ll definitely be back in 2013 for another year of FAT! Be sure to check out the gallery below before you leave to see some of the highlights I captured while roaming the venue on Day 4.

Jumping on my soapbox for a quick second before I wrap up this entry, is that I find FAT (now called Fashion Art Toronto vs Fashion Alternative Toronto) has been moving towards a more mainstream platform in recent years. FAT’s events curation team seems to have justified an inclusion of a number of ready-to-wear designers. While these pret a porter pieces are equally impressive, the overall show feels a bit fragmented as there is a large contrast between some of the designers especially when placed back to back during the runway segments. Really hoping to see curation of FAT in future years narrowing its focus back towards more alternative and fashion art.


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